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Our Story


Our Story

The founder of IROK BUILDING began his construction career in 1996. He started working as a framer, drywaller and taper with his father, who at the time was already an experienced, highly skilled Project Foreman for a reputable Winnipeg construction company.
5 years later, after learning the ins and outs of general construction and leadership, he was offered and accepted a fulltime position with Manitoba Hydro. He would go on to spend a total of 14 years with the company, 5 in management. There he learned an abundance of management and supervisory skills. During these 14 years he increasingly became more and more busy doing side renovation projects in the evenings and on weekends.
Over time he realized he had developed the experience, skills and a real passion for building that drove him to fulfill a life long dream of starting his own small business. Sticking to his roots and following his dream, he resigned from Manitoba Hydro and founded, IROK DRYWALL.
For 2 years, with the help of his Brother and as the company's client base, team and experience grew, IROK DRYWALL began offering more and more services to meet their Clients needs. With that in mind, it only made sense to legally rename the company to, IROK BUILDING.
IROK BUILDING is now a thriving, full service general contracting and renovation company specializing in whole home, kitchen, bathroom, basement, and commercial renovation.
IROK BUILDING is a team of talented, friendly, and caring individuals who have earned their reputation for quality work and integrity in dealing with clients and some of the finest Architects, Suppliers and Sub-Contractors in Winnipeg. They have developed and maintained great relationships with various Contracting teams, which brings you, the Client, the best possible services at the most competitive, economical value. It is IROK BUILDING's goal to develop a long lasting relationship with you through honesty and professionalism, so they can continue to be the sole source for all your contracting needs.
It is a difficult decision to choose the right contractor for your next renovation project. A renovation project can disrupt your day to day life, so you need to put your family and home in trusted hands. IROK BUILDING thrives on customer experience, making sure your family is comfortable during the entire process and that your project is taken care of in a professional, timely manner.
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Our Objective


Our Objective

"To provide our clients with professional service that ensures quality and value in a timely manner while maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for employees."


Our Core Values


Our Core Values


Respect is extremely important to us. We treat our Clients, Employees and Business Partners with dignity and respect by allowing their individual feelings, creativity and contributions to be part of the entire project. We thoughtfully consider other's ideas and viewpoints to make the best decision for the client.


We strive to maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical practices. We are relentless in sharing the truth and being honest with ourselves, our co-workers, our clients and the community at large.


Integrity is a personal choice where we commit to trusting and respecting our employees and clients. We function every single day with openness, dependability, accountability and authenticity as we are each accountable for doing the right thing.

What Makes Us Different

A Step above

What Makes Us Different


Experience is vital to ensuring the successful completion of any construction project. Our experience provides the knowledge, efficiency and ability to complete a project within budget and on time, while maintaining the highest level of workmanship that IROK BUILDING is known for.


Regular communication with our Customers is important to us. For your piece of mind, we like to keep you informed on progress as we proceed. And knowing our Customer is impressed with our performance and progress gives US piece of mind.

Customer Satisfaction

We see customer satisfaction as a key element of our business strategy. We take pride in our workmanship and we understand that our clients have an expectation to which we have to live up to. Our 2 year warranty provides peace of mind to our customers as we will return and correct the problem if necessary.

Covid-19 Awareness

For the safety of our clients and Employees, we take the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously. We adhere and promote Manitoba's Covid-19 preventative practices while taking each individual Clients concerns and requests into consideration. Together, we will get through this.


IROK BUILDING is insured for up to 2 million dollars to provide piece of mind for our customers. An insurance certificate can be provided upon request. Before hiring a contractor, make sure to validate their insurance policy.


We guarantee that only experts will be working on your projects and for your protection, all workmanship is covered by our warranty for a period of two years. We are proud that we can offer such a long warranty which is only offered by the best contractors and home renovation companies in the country. The warranty claim process is very simple. Just contact us to describe the issue and book a site visit to remedy the situation. We are here to help you and answer all your questions.

What We Promote

safety first

What We Promote


Safety comes first. We invest in jobsite safety and continuing education to provide a safe working environment for everyone working on, visiting, or working near our jobsites.


A team is not a team without teamwork. That is why we encourage our Employees to work together, help each other solve problems and share knowledge with each other as often as possible.


Respect is extremely important to IROK BUILDING. Not only respect toward our Customers, but respect toward each other as well. We demand a harassment, sexiest and racist free workplace environment. We also insist on family friendly language and overall professionalism be displayed at all times.


We encourage our Employees to continue learning, whether it be simply picking up a book, taking an on-line course, enrolling in part time college or university, or even returning to school fulltime. The future of our employees matters to us.

Health & Fitness

Health & fitness is important to us for various reasons, although the overall wellbeing of our Employees is number 1. That is why we offer our Employees fee gym memberships and encourage them to use them on a regular bases.

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